Our Story

Our Story

Our congregation began with a small group of worshippers at Phipps, WI, on March 31, 1904.  A Pastor from Shell Lake ministered to them every 4th Sunday.  Trinity was organized  on June 21, 1904, and instruction to the children began in July.  For $1.00, a family granted 5 acres to the Church for a building, and another family granted 5 acres for a cemetery, also for $1.00.  The first Church was built in 1905, and services were conducted in both German and English.  A separate parsonage was built in 1915 for approximately $700.

Trinity was a dual parish with Trinity, Cable, from 1931 to 1975.  These two congregations were also in a triple parish arrangement with Trinity, Glidden, from 1943 to 1960.  On November 22, 1959, 4 lots were purchased at the present Davis Avenue location in Hayward, for $4,000.  A new Church was built here in 1960 for a cost of $61,346.  First used for worship in January, 1961, the Church was dedicated six months later on July 9th.  Also in 1961, the current parsonage was built at a cost of $18,500 and dedicated October 8th of that year.  In the summer of 1975, the congregation went off District subsidy and became a self-supporting congregation.

A "Fellowship Hall" was added to the Church at a cost of $25,000 and dedicated nearly debt-free in January, 1977.  All indebtedness of Trinity was fully satisfied early in 1989.  Further expansion of our physical facilities was approved  in July, 1989, with the building of a "Educational Wing" at a cost of $125,000 and construction was scheduled for 1990.  In 1999, we renovated the sanctuary by purchasing a new organ and moving it to the back of the sanctuary, adding an additional 60 seats, and remodeling the Altar area, at a cost of $25,000.

The members of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hayward, aim to lift high the cross of Jesus Christ.  We seek to share the saving Gospel of Christ, grow in His love and fellowship, do His mission work, be faithful to His Word and live lives to His eternal glory.  We pray that all who come among us may see and know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Friend.


 1. Rev. G. E. Meyer (Shell Lake) 1904-1904
 2. Rev. C. Guteknust 1904-1905
 3. Rev. A. Lange (First resident Pastor) 1905-1909
 4. Rev. A. M. W. Wahl 1910-1912
 5. Rev. Louis H. Klusman 1912-1914
 6. Rev. Herman Henry Wegner 1914-1918
 7. Rev. Richard Malotky 1918-1920
 8. Rev. Daniel Wallner (Vicar) 1920-1921
 9. Rev. Hugo S. Bloedel 1921-1923
10. Rev. John M. Wuebben 1923-1927
11. Rev. William Scheer 1927-1929
12. Rev. A. Buback 1929-1931
13. Rev. Eugene Klemp 1931-1936
14. Rev. Hugo List 1936-1941
15. Rev. William B. Brockop (Glidden) 1941-1949
16. Rev. L. E. Schreiber (Glidden) 1950-1958
17. Rev. Daniel Haertling 1958-1964
18. Rev. Donald J. Dominkowski 1965-1970
19. Rev. Louis Natzke 1971-1977
20. Rev. Richard D. Miller 1977-1982
21. Rev. Harold Wuebben 1983-1986
22. Rev. Richard D. Miller 1987-1994
23. Rev. Robert Pfeil 1995-1998
24. Rev. Albert Oren (Vicarage 1998-1999) 1999-2000
25. Rev. Kenneth N. Hinrichs 2001-2012
26. Rev. Mark Triplett 2013-2017

27. Rev. Lenard Wildaur (vacnancy pastor)                                            2017-2018

28. Rev. Roy Berquist                                                                           2018-Present