Here at Trinity we love to see our youth make a difference in their schools and community. To help them in that we try to provide them with multiple opportunities for learning and service in many different venues. Where better to start learning and living in the Christian Faith than at home, surrounded by your brothers and sisters in Christ who Love and Encourage you? Below you will find just a few of the things our Lutheran youth are active and involved in with church. 

Here at church we love to see the youth participating in the Worship Service. Many of our youth have served as Acolytes, Ushers, Soundboard Technicians and Nursery Volunteers. They have also helped in leading the Worship Music, Sunday School Teaching, and have participated in multiple Dramas, Puppet Shows, and Reader's Theater for our Education Program. They have also served meals, cleaned the church, shoveled snow, and just had fun serving the Lord and others in what they say and do. 

In the Northwoods here our youth have continued to attend Youth Gatherings 3 times a year. We go to other area Lutheran churches for various activities. We join with 12 other Lutheran Church's youth groups and have lockins, nationally renowned speakers, international missionary presentations, Free For All/ Ask The Pastor Q&A with a panel of 5-10 pastors, local service projects, food drives, and care for the elderly. 

The Lutheran Churches in Wisconsin meet every 3 years for a Statewide Youth Gathering usually held at one of the Large resorts like Kalahari in the Wisconsin Dells. It is our goal for youth to meet other youth from their state while learning and having fun with their peers. We bring in famous speakers who challenge the youth to think and learn while living each day in the Christian Faith. 

Every 3 Years we attend the National Youth Gathering where there are 25,000 Lutheran Youth and Leaders in attendance. We like for our youth to see they are not just part of a congregation in the woods, but a part of the bigger picture of Christian Believers WorldWide who share the same faith as them. We also encourage our youth to attend Higher Things where we dare them to be Lutheran and live in that Lutheranism as they believe, teach, and confess exactly what the Bible teaches.